For quite some time, vaping and e-cigarettes were supposedly supported with evidence (albeit, weak evidence) that it was safer than smoking cigarettes. That kind of attention shifted the public’s understanding and perception of vaping, leading them to believe that vaping was a better alternative for a variety of reasons.

Because of that, the general public also started to believe that since vaping was safer, that meant it caused less harm to your teeth.

There’s now growing evidence from many scientific studies from around the world that found that, well, no – vaping can still cause negative effects on your oral health, just as much as regular cigarettes can.

In one study profiled in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers found that “e-cigarette aerosols produced four-fold increase in microbial adhesion to enamel,” which simply means that there’s a ton of bacteria found in the mouths of those who vape. That excess in bacteria caused faster and more common tooth decay, which as we know leads to cavities and sometimes more severe oral issues.

Another study in 2016 found that e-cigs caused persistent gum inflammation, which leads to periodontal disease. That means tender gums, a harder time chewing, and rotting teeth.

Several other studies have concluded a whole host of other consequences, like cell and DNA damage, greater plaque build-up, dry mouth… the list goes on and on.

Studies have shown that vaping causing inflammatory response within the lung tissue and if you get COVID you are setting yourself up for a potential life threatening event. A number of younger people with no history of diseases such as asthma or diabetes have died and the one thing many had in common was vaping.

Long story short, those who choose to vape or smoke e-cigarettes should understand that these actions are contributing to poor oral health, among other things. Furthermore, poor oral health leads to other health issues around the body, and not to mention, higher health care costs down the road.

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