Dentistry has long been dominated by men but times have changed. From 1995 to 2005 total enrollment in dental schools increased 10.7% and during that time the number of female students increased by 32%. Today I think that number is rising to where half of all students are women. One of my own patients decided to go to dental school and is graduating this year. I am very excited for her and know that she will be a great addition to our profession!

Two of the earliest women in dentistry are Emeline Roberts Jones 1986-1916 and Lucy Hobbs Taylor 1833-1910.

Emeline is believed to be the FIRST woman dentist in the USA. She origiannaly started working in her husband’s dental ofice as his assistant and when he passed away she took over and managed her own practice.

Lucy Hobbs Taylor is the FIRST American woman to graduate from a dental school. She was originally denied admission to dentla school so she studied privately under the Dean of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery before going on to work as an apprentice. She opened her won practice in 1861. After several years of hands=on experience she was admitted to the dental school and graduated in 1866.