Every patient has their own specific needs, but the vast majority of patients benefit most by regular dental exams at every 6 months. Here are the compelling reasons why you should see a dentist twice a year:

Early Detection

Dental issues are progressive in nature and generally preventable. If you’re making regular visits to your dentist, the chances are you won’t have issues with your teeth or gums. If you do happen to have problems, it’s much better to detect them early. The start of tooth decay, if found early, can often be remedied with simple and easy solutions (such as a small filling). However, the longer an issue goes without being treated, the more dramatic measures need to be taken to fix it. Tooth decay can sneak up on you and go completely unnoticed… That’s why it’s important to have regular check-ups, to catch issues you may not even know are present!


Teeth cleanings are a primary reason to visit your dentist regularly. Even if you are dedicated to your oral health and practice careful brushing and flossing, small amounts of plaque and bacteria may often be missed. What starts as soft plaque can mineralize and become hardened fossil-like bacteria in your mouth called tartar. Tartar then irritates your gums and provides hiding places for new bacteria. Bacterial colonies can thrive under tartar deposits because they are sheltered from your toothbrush and self-cleaning saliva. These deposits are difficult to remove on your own, but your dentist has the proper tools to give you a clean start and get rid tartar! Cleanings also include a polishing treatment which keep your teeth shiny and your smile bright.

Hygiene Improvements

A regular exam allows your dentist to see where those tartar build-ups tend to be on your teeth. This gives your dentist the opportunity to share that information with you and suggest ways of brushing or flossing differently that might be able to prevent future builds-ups in the same spot. Your dentist can also share ways for improving your oral hygiene habits at home, which will contribute to better overall oral health.

Improved Quality Of Care

By making regular office visits a habit, you give your dentist the opportunity to see you when there might not be a specific problem. This allows your dentist to become familiar with what is normal for you and a chance to get to know your dental health better. Your quality of care will actually improve because your dentist can make more personalized recommendations for your care and follow ups. Getting familiar with your dentist can also help alleviate anxiety and make the entire experience much better for both patient and doctor.

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