If you’ve ever been concerned about the appearance of your smile, you’ve likely considered a number of options to improve the look and feel of your teeth. From whitening strips to crowns, there are many dental treatments and procedures that can help you obtain the perfect grin. One popular, longer-lasting solution is porcelain veneers. These thin pieces of porcelain are custom-made to match the shape and color of your permanent teeth.

While veneers eventually need to be replaced, they are made to withstand use over the course of many years, making them a desirable option for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, people are attracted to veneers due to their ability to hide cosmetic imperfections. This can include crooked and misshapen teeth, as well as teeth that are too stained or discolored for standard forms of whitening. Porcelain veneers can also be used to create a uniform tooth size, in instances where the natural teeth are either too large or too small. Finally, individuals with spacing issues or chipped teeth are also good candidates for veneers.

The process of placing veneers remains fairly simple for individuals only looking to improve the look of a few of their teeth. Over the course of two visits, your dentist will prepare the surface of your teeth for your new veneers. This includes lightly buffing and shaping them. They will then take an impression of your teeth and help you select a shade that matches the surrounding teeth. When the veneers have been made, your dentist will then adhere them with a bonding cement.

For people that are looking to have the majority of their teeth covered with veneers, the procedure can take a bit more time. Before any treatment begins, your dentist will likely take photos and molds of your teeth. This helps your dentist and lab technician create a mockup of what your mouth will look like once the veneers are placed. When you’re all in agreement and happy with the expected appearance, temporary veneers will be made. These temporary veneers are used as a “test-drive” for your teeth. They help you get the feel of your new smile, while also leaving room for adjustments to things like length and shape. When your final veneers are ready and shaped accordingly, your teeth are cleaned in order to ensure the best possible bond between the porcelain and your tooth’s enamel. Bonding cement is then applied and a specialized light beam activates and hardens the seal. Once set, your new and improved smile is ready to show to the world.

If you’re unhappy with the look of your smile, reach out to our team of dentists to talk about your options. With veneers, you can fix chipped teeth and change the appearance of crooked teeth all in less time than other methods, like braces, would take. In addition, the whitened appearance of veneers lasts for years. By scheduling a consultation today, you’re one step closer to achieving your picture-perfect smile.

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