Implants in a Day, or “Same Day Implants”, is an incredible new technology that allows us to give you a whole new set of implants (for a full mouth like dentures) or just a few select teeth in just one day! This process typically takes at least 3-6 months from start to finish, and the time in between is often uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing with incomplete teeth or dentures.

With Implants in a Day, it takes just one procedure to take you from no teeth to a full set of beautiful new teeth. This means you’ll never be embarrassed over dentures again, and you can enjoy greater self-esteem, confidence, and improved health! And what’s more, you’ll have a brighter, whiter smile.

We make the process of Implants in a Day very simple. You start with an initial appointment with Dr. Coates and one of our certified dental technicians to take photos, measurements, and models of your teeth. We also evaluate your jaw movements and speech, plus discuss all of your expectations so that you’ll be happy with the final results. Using special tools, we will use 3D imaging to analyze your teeth to determine the best placements for your implants.

Next, you will be evaluated by a certified surgeon, who will work with Dr. Coates to design the perfect treatment plan for you. Then, depending on if you have the majority of your teeth or if you have dentures and are transitioning to implants, we will then make 1-2 additional appointments to make sure you are happy with the appearance of your implants.

Finally, on the day of the procedure, Dr. Coates and a certified dental technician will work with the oral surgeon to give you your beautiful new provisional teeth in one sitting!

About 4 months after you have been wearing the provisional prosthesis (teeth), alterations and adjustment will be made to compensate for your personal preferences, speech, and changes in the gum and bone following surgery. You will then have the final teeth placed that will wow your family and friends.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment with our office, call (562) 434-6414.