If you’re considering the Invisalign solution to correct your teeth, you’ve probably wondered about these common questions before. Some of them you might even be too embarrassed to ask your dentist! But don’t worry, we’re here to get you the answers you need:

1. Does it hurt?

Some people do experience pain when using Invisalign, due to the oftentimes odd shapes that it conforms to inside your mouth. However, you can consult with your dentist to file down any sharp edges that are bothering you. If you’re more interested in a DIY method, some people use wax to cover rough or sharp edges on the aligners. However, we recommend having a chat with your dentist to see what will work best for you!

2. Will I talk funny?

While Invisalign is custom-molded to your teeth, it’s still a foreign object in your mouth that will take some getting used to at first. It can affect your speech, sometimes causing a slight lisp that some find noticeable and others don’t. Ultimately, the more you speak with the aligner in, the faster you’ll adjust. If it’s been weeks and your lisp hasn’t gone away, speak with your dentist – as it may be a sign that your aligners aren’t fitting correctly.

3. Can I still kiss people?

One of the biggest concerns we’ve heard about Invisalign is if it’ll affect romance! And the answer is… it depends. Some people find that it doesn’t change a thing, while others encounter more of a struggle. Most of that is embarrassment, such as worrying your significant other will be bothered by it. But a kiss is a kiss, and your loved one probably won’t even notice. People have been smooching with brackets in their mouths for years, and there are some things in life that just won’t be stopped!

4. How long does it take to see results?

On average, it takes about a year for adults to complete their Invisalign course. However, you’ll start noticing results much sooner than that! It typically takes 2-3 months for most patients to see results, and not much longer before others notice as well.

5. How much does Invisalign cost?

There are two primary factors that dentists need to consider for the cost of your Invisalign. First is the treatment’s complexity, which means that the more extensive the corrections are, the longer the treatment time and the more aligner trays will be needed. This results in additional expense.

The second factor to consider is aftercare. You may need things like bite guards, retainers, and bite adjustments – so be sure to ask your Invisalign provider what is included in your initial price quote.

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