With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time for Long Beach parents to brush up on oral hygiene! Many parents grow anxious and worry about this holiday candy bonanza, but many experts agree that this is the perfect time to reinforce good dental care in children. We’re going to share a few quick tips and tricks on how to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy, even during the month of sugary treats!

The stickiest and most long-lasting treats are the ones to avoid. Candies like taffy and gummies stick to the teeth and take longer to be washed away by saliva, so keep consumption to a minimum. Likewise, hard candies that stay in the mouth longer such as lollipops play a big role in getting cavities. Also avoid high-sugar drinks such as soda, juices, and flavored water, as these will increase risk of tooth decay. Sugar-free candy is almost always recommended above the rest, when possible.

We recommend setting up a Candy Bank for your child as soon as they get home from their night of trick-or-treating. Let the child choose their top ten candies, and then remove the rest from their possession and allow them to make candy withdrawals under your supervision. This is a great way to monitor candy consumption and decrease the risk of tooth decay!

Your children should brush and floss their teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If your child is 8 years or younger, directly help them with brushing and flossing rather than just supervise. After eating sugary treats, however, it is recommend to brush teeth right away to help prevent cavities and promote good oral hygiene.

Use fluoride to help fight cavities. Brush with fluoride toothpaste – a pea-sized amount will do – and make sure the child drinks lots of fluoridated water. Fluoridated water is usually distributed through a community’s water supply. Consider purchasing bottled fluoridated water if your area does not have any, or ask your Long Beach dentist for fluoride supplemental products for your children.

There’s no better time than Halloween to remind your kids about the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Use the holiday as a fresh reminder that brushing, flossing, and dental visits are important. Use a Candy Bank to help facilitate healthy diet and consumption, and treat your child to a new, special toothbrush and even some flavored floss to reinforce good habits for healthy oral hygiene.

If you suspect your child may have developed a cavity from the candies or even broke a tooth on one just give us a call (562) 434-6414.