The school year has ended and summer vacation is in full swing, which probably means your house is getting a lot busier.

With the break in daily routine, committing your children to the same schedule may be a chore. And if there’s anything we know about kids, it’s that getting them to adjust to a different schedule is not always easy!

But between the summer camps, vacations, playdates and naps, here are some suggestions for keeping your children’s dental needs and health top priority.

  1. Visit the dentist at the beginning of summer, and right before school starts again.
    Go ahead and schedule a dental visit right after school ends, and schedule another one before school starts as well. This signals to your child that they should be thinking about their teeth and oral care even during the relaxing and fun summer months. Your dentist may also be another encouraging and motivating figure for your child to keep good care of their teeth.
  2. Don’t break the morning and nightly routine of brushing and flossing.
    If your family was brushing as a group activity throughout the school year, don’t lose focus of that. Children often need parental motivation to commit to tasks that aren’t necessarily seen as fun. Also, if you were introducing other features to toothbrushing time, like 2-minute songs or videos, be sure to keep up with that, too.
  3. Create a travel kit that includes a floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
    Between the vacations and summer camps, your children need to know that oral care should always be top of mind whenever they’re packing or traveling. Help them put together a carry-on kit that’s always on their person, and include essentials that they should always have access to, like toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and more. That way, when you’re at an airport, travel stop, or at grandma’s house, they’re always ready to care for their teeth.
  4. Help them monitor their foods and drinks.
    Summer time means sugary drinks and lots of snacking, which can increase the chances for oral issues like cavities. Make sure your kids understand the importance of moderating foods with high sugar content, and that drinking water is essential to their overall health.
  5. Consider getting a mouthguard.
    Many kids get into sports or other physical activities during the summer, which creates more chances for physical impact that may affect their teeth. During your first summer visit to the dentist, see if they can make a custom tray for your child that they can wear all summer long. You can also purchase mouthguards at any major retailer in the oral care section.

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