Periodontal disease is a slowly progressive disease that destroys the gum & bone holding your teeth in place. Unfortunately most people do not know they even have it because by the time you feel it, so much bone may have been lost that you have to pull teeth. Things to be on the lookout for:

  1. bleeding when you floss & brush. Healthy gum tissue does not bleed!
  2. bad breath = halitosis
  3. receding gum tissue
  4. dark spaces between the teeth
  5. pain when chewing (could also be a sign of a cracked tooth)
  6. a change in your bite
  7. a change in how a partial denture is fitting
  8. tooth loss
  9. red, swollen, tender gum tissue

If any of these signs are present you should call your local area dentist or bring up your concerns with them at your next visit. If you are not being checked for periodontal disease once a year with periodontal measurement you need to find another dentist pronto!