Deep bleaching is its own category of bleaching. It is the most effective method in the industry, no matter the age of the patient or the strength of the stain. It’s perfect for sensitive teeth, as most patients feel little to zero discomfort. And what’s more, the results of deep bleaching will last you a lifetime.

How does it work?
Deep bleaching works by restoring the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen from the bleaching gel, which is what whitens the tooth. When you’re young, your teeth have a natural ability to absorb oxygen at a high rate, and this ability decreases as you age. Oxygen that’s given off by the bleaching gels penetrates deeply into the tooth, down to the individual crystals, thereby making a huge improvement in tooth whiteness.

With any tooth whitening or bleaching, the oxygen that’s absorbed into the tooth breaks up what are called “long-chain” stain molecules. These molecules reflect light as darkness – or a stain. Meanwhile, “short-chain” molecules reflect it as a lightness. Deep bleaching breaks up the long-chain molecules, making them short-chains and thus whitening your teeth with remarkable effectiveness.

Is deep bleaching safe?
Because is so profoundly effective, it gives you permanent results as long as you perform very simple and easy maintenance at home. It is an incredibly safe procedure that has been performed on millions of patients without problems, and has been shown to be totally safe for both teeth and gums.

Does the bleaching cause any pain/discomfort?
What’s more, deep bleaching is a comfortable and painless process that is perfect for sensitive teeth. Over 65% of patients experience zero sensitivity, discomfort, or pain. The remaining number of patients that do experience some discomfort rate it at a mere 1 out of 10 on a 10-point pain scale (10 being the worst pain, 1 being the least). The cases for uncomfortable sensitivity are extremely rare, and we employ effective desensitizers to help with that discomfort.

What about age?
The younger a tooth is, the better it absorbs oxygen, and when you combine that with the deep bleaching technique, you get a brilliant result that will last a lifetime with the proper maintenance.

Older teeth, meanwhile, are more difficult to bleach. Even starting in your 40s-50s, it becomes a lot harder for the bleaching process to set in and take effect. When you’re in your 60s-70s, many dentists won’t even attempt to bleach your teeth. Deep bleaching is different. It rejuvenates the teeth, and it makes them respond as they would have at a much younger age. Even if you’re 85 years old, you’ll still be able to get a brilliant result!

Deep bleaching will give you fast, permanent results and a dazzling smile that everyone will notice. If you want to know what deep bleaching can do to improve your teeth, call our office at (562) 434-6414 and schedule your appointment.