When it comes to oral health, it’s often best to simply avoid sugary and/or fattening foods. However, this is difficult to do — particularly during the holidays — so moderation is key! It also helps to find alternatives, so that you can still enjoy all your holiday meals while protecting your teeth. With some recipe tweaking and a little planning, you and your loved ones can eat delicious foods that don’t hurt your overall oral health. Try adding these to your holiday meals:

  • Proteins — Lean protein is a fantastic choice of food for dental health, because it helps to strengthen teeth. Turkey is a great source for getting lean proteins, and it’s already a beloved staple during the holidays! To cut down on unnecessary fat and calories, you can also try serving it skinless.
  • Fruits and Vegetables — These fibrous foods are always great to include in your meals. The fiber helps clean your teeth by increasing saliva in your mouth! So in addition to your daily brushing and flossing, you can help fight cavities and gum disease by eating fruits and veggies. They make great starters and appetizers to your holiday meals. We recommend skipping out on calorie-heavy dishes like apple pie and green bean casserole, and instead try serving up some sautéed green beans and plates of fresh fruit served with some cream.
  • Low-Fat Dairy — These days, there are plenty of options for low-fat dairy products that don’t lose out on flavor. Low-fat milks and cheeses will help build up the calcium in your teeth while also increasing the cleaning saliva in your mouth. For your holiday meals, use low-fat milk in your recipes such as mashed potatoes and casseroles. You can also offer a platter of hard cheese with fruit as dessert.

Once you’ve finished up your tasty holiday meal, it’s important to continue protecting your dental health by cleaning your mouth after eating. Remember to floss and brush after every meal.

You don’t need to skip out on all the “good” holiday foods this season in order to maintain happy, healthy teeth! With these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while still protecting your teeth. If you have any questions about how you can take care of your teeth this holiday season or you’re ready for a pre-holiday checkup, our expert dental team in Long Beach is here to help.

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