Everyone wants a beautiful smile. It boosts your confidence and self-esteem, gives you better professional and interpersonal opportunities like landing that job or getting a date, and in most cases it will help your oral hygiene and make you healthier! As more and more people are growing conscious of the benefits of a bright smile, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry has increased! That means it’s getting more affordable, and these are the top most affordable cosmetic dentistry options today:

1. Dental Fillings

Many people, young and old, benefit from cosmetic dentistry by getting dental fillings. This helps repair damaged teeth that have developed decay due to poor dental hygiene, improper eating habits, or even genetics. Fillings can match the color of your tooth, so you can have a bright smile and a healthy mouth.

2. Dental Crowns

Another popular treatment for damaged teeth is dental crowns. These are similar to fillings, but they tend to be more durable and last longer. After cleaning and treating the decaying tooth, a porcelain cap is placed. This can be matched to the color of your tooth, and is not only perfect for cavities, but also chipped or broken teeth.

3. Dental Bonding

This cosmetic dentistry option is perfect for tooth gaps, cracks, and chips! In dental bonding, a material the same color as your tooth is applied to repair the damaged area or fill in unwanted gaps between your teeth, giving you a brighter smile.

4. Tooth Whitening

Your teeth may be discolored for a number of reasons, including poor dental hygiene, genetics, or stubborn stains from certain foods, drinks, or habits such as smoking. Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that will lift the stains or discolorations from your teeth and whiten them to give you an attractive, sparkling smile.

5. Veneers

Another popular cosmetic dentistry procedure for treating severely stained teeth is the application of veneers. This involves the placement of thin ceramic or porcelain layers over your tooth to make them whiter and more even.

With the popularity of cosmetic dentistry rising, it gets more and more affordable each year. The cost of these procedures will vary depending on how severe the issue is, and the extent of the dental work needed. However, most procedures are more affordable than what you might think! For more information or to see what cosmetic dentistry can do for you, call our office at (562) 434-6414 to schedule an appointment.