You know what they say about an apple a day! While it won’t actually keep the doctor – or dentist – away, apples are a significant source of fiber, minerals, and polyphenols. But with so many on the market, what should you consider other than taste? Here we share the best apple varieties for oral health.

Why Apples are Great for Dental Health

When you’re hungry for a snack, choose low-calorie apples. They provide vitamin C that keeps your gums healthy! Apples are also great for reducing bacteria, increasing saliva, and removing plaque between your teeth.

Additionally, the potassium in apples helps your bone mineral density. The antioxidants in apples can also lower cholesterol and support your heart and gum health! Because apples are acidic, just try to combine your apple with another snack and drink a glass of water after enjoying one. Then, wait thirty minutes and brush your teeth.

Apple Varieties for Oral Health

1. Pink Lady Apples

These juicy apples help with your cardiovascular system. They are also full of flavonoids that improve blood vessel relaxation. This can help with high blood pressure as well.

2. Red Delicious Apples

While they may not be everyone’s favorite, Red Delicious apples have loads of nutrients. They’ve got more polyphenolic compounds than most other apples, with most of the nutrition in the skin – so be sure not to peel them before chowing down. Red Delicious apples contain more anthocyanidins that provide their color and powerful antioxidants. They also have more calcium than other apples.

3. Granny Smith Apples

Not only do they taste sweet, but they also encourage healthy weight loss and balance out the bacteria in your colon. Granny Smith apples are particularly good for oral health because they have low sugar and mineral levels.

4. Organic Apples

Many people opt for organic apples due to the conditions in which they are grown. And that’s for good reason, because they’re usually richer in the vitamins you need to keep your teeth healthy. When you choose organic apples, you’ll also get a treat that is pesticide-free.

Keep Eating Your Apples, and Schedule Your Dental Appointment Today!

Eating right and caring for your teeth at home only get you so far. No matter which apples you choose, be sure to get four servings of fruit in your diet daily. It’s also important to brush your teeth twice a day and floss them daily to keep them healthy.

Additionally, teaming up with a trusted dental professional will really help you with your oral health, which is why doctors encourage a visit every six months for cleanings and checkups. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Stephen A. Coates today! We look forward to partnering with you to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful.