Besides poor hygiene practices and diet I do not think I have seen anything cause more problems in my patients then smoking.

  1. I have never met a smoker who did not eventually develop periodontal disease, a destructive disease that caused loss of jaw bone and teeth.
  2. Smokers get more cavities. Smoking dries out the mouth helping bacteria destroy teeth, gums, & bone.
  3. Smokers usually have poor esthetics to their smiles from staining or the teeth and dental work
  4. Bad breath = halitosis
  5. I have found cancer in half a dozen patients and pre-cancer in hundreds
  6. Smokers generally have poorer general health practices
  7. Smokers are in poorer health and take medications which compound dental problems

If you smoke or know a smoker there are many options out there to help you quit. Come in for an exam, let’s get your mouth healthy, and help you find the right solution to quit smoking.