As with any other medical procedure, whether elective or not, a second opinion may be something to consider when having dental work done. If you have had the same dentist for twenty years or if your dentist is a personal friend or a family member then this process is more than likely not something that you would need to consider.

However, all dentists have different educations and training, and they all have different views and interests with respect to the field of dentistry. Even though your current dentist has a good idea of your dental history, it could be a good idea to have a second set of eyes look at your dental problem.

There are several situations that might warrant the opinion of a second dentist. We’ll take a look at a few of them below:


  • You need a special procedure completed, and a specialist will need to do it. This can be the case, for instance, if periodontal work is needed and your current dentist does not have a periodontist on staff.
  • The regular dentist that you see simply isn’t able to fix your dental problem to your satisfaction. If you have had your dentist look at and work on the same problem more than once and no relief has been found, you very well might want to have another dentist look at it. This doesn’t mean you abandon your current dentist; it just means that a second opinion might be valuable in how your problem is being treated.
  • You feel like the dentist is recommending a procedure that is not necessary. Unfortunately, not every single person in any profession is going to be honest. If you have any doubt that your dentist’s recommendation is not ideal, it is a wise idea to seek a second opinion and see if the two match.
  • You are seeking a new dentist. This is probably more common than any other on the list. If you are seeking a new dentist and the one you choose makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason whatsoever, then it would be a good idea to go see another dentist or maybe even two other dentists.


It is imperative that you feel comfortable with and trust your dentist. In most cases if you have a good longstanding relationship with your dentist, these issues will probably never come up. If any of them do, however, or if you feel uncomfortable in any way with your current dental arrangement, a second opinion can be just what you need to straighten everything out.