St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and that means the bars will be full of green people and green drinks very soon!

A popular drink for the holiday is “green beer,” which is essentially just a light beer – like a pilsner or pale ale – with a little bit of green food coloring. Some bars might even take it to the next level and offer other green drinks, like a honeydew martini made with Midori, or a grasshopper, made with creme de menthe.

Will food coloring stain my teeth?

It is common to assume that food coloring is bad for your teeth – after all, the whole point of the dye is to stain the food. But actually, the dye isn’t all that bad on your enamel. It will take repeated exposure to the dye for your enamel to start staining or discolor, and it would be highly unlikely that you would consume that much food coloring to have a noticeable effect.

Unless you’re holding a large amount of food coloring in your mouth for a long time, you’re good to continue enjoying the festivities by consuming the food and drinks you want. Of course, everything in moderation!

But it’s the not the food coloring you should worry about…

Alcoholic drinks are notoriously bad for your oral health, on top of the fact that alcohol is already damaging to your overall health.

Beer can be especially acidic, which can weaken your enamel over time. Most alcoholic drinks are also high in sugar, and it’s the sugar that can lead to a host of dental issues if it stays in your mouth for too long.

But, like everything, moderation is key. Be aware of your alcohol intake, and make sure to stick to your teeth cleaning routine. Spending a little extra time on your teeth on the day you consume that much sugar and alcohol may not hurt either.

Want to ensure you keep your teeth healthy through St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays? Consider getting a sealant, which add a layer of protection to your teeth to help prevent build-up and tooth decay. Let our experienced dental team in Long Beach help set your teeth up for success.

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