Halloween is full of spooky fun for you and your kids, but it can also be stressful for parents, who worry about the effect all that candy has on children’s teeth. We can help ease those worries! Halloween is a great time to teach your kids about oral health and reinforce good habits to carry into the holiday. Here are some of our favorite tricks for keeping Halloween fun and healthy:

Emphasize Moderation
Children often want to snack on their candy stash frequently throughout the day, but this can have an adverse effect on their teeth. Letting them choose a few favorite candies on Halloween night, and then putting their candy away in a cupboard or pantry to ration over time, helps you monitor your child’s candy intake. Setting a specific time of day for candy, like after dinner or an after-school treat, can help your child manage expectations so they won’t ask for candy every time it crosses their mind.

Avoid Sticky Treats
The longer candy is in your child’s mouth, the more time their teeth are exposed, and the more damage it can do. Sticky candy can get stuck between or in the grooves of teeth, lingering on the surface and increasing the chance of cavities. When they do eat chewy candy, brushing their teeth right afterward or rinsing with water can help remove stubborn leftovers.

Brush and Rinse Thoroughly
Brushing your children’s teeth thoroughly is imperative; they already brush twice a day, but making treat time closer (or right before) their brushing routine can make a big difference in how long teeth are exposed. Consider picking up a children’s fluoridated mouthwash before Halloween so it is available to rinse with in the weeks following, as this can help teeth remineralize enamel after a sugar bomb.

Check In With Your Dentist
Make sure that your child sees their dentist for their regular check-up and dental cleaning. Their dentist can touch base with you on how your child’s teeth are doing, from identifying trouble spots to treating Halloween cavities.

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