As permanent teeth grow, they can come forth misaligned, which can affect your smile, bite, and your jaw line. The assistance and purpose of braces is to correct overcrowding; to, in other words, properly shift your teeth until your bite is correct, and to help improve the look of your smile and the comfort of your bite.

Teens and adults may opt to straighten their teeth without braces by using Invisalign braces to close spaces between teeth, straighten teeth, and properly adjust an overbite or under bite. Invisalign is a form of dental brace that is a clear, plastic resin aligner tray that fits across teeth and is significantly less noticeable than metal or ceramic braces.

Teeth that don’t grow in straight can cause jaw misalignment, negatively affect your smile line, and alter the way you chew. Properly aligned teeth help to significantly reduce the risk of speech impediments, uneven tooth wear, chipping, cavities, and gum diseases. Invisalign helps you to slowly straighten your teeth without announcing to the world that you are doing so. You can straighten your teeth without food restriction, properly clean all of your teeth (the trays are removable), and have a far more comfortable straightening experience than conventional braces offer.