1. See your local area dentist every 6 months and stat at 1-2 years of age.
2. Parents and child floss BEFORE you brush.
3. Brush slowly and aim for the gumline and staying in place for about 10 sec.
4. An electric toothbrush works better then manual brushing. It also has a timer to help you brush the proper amount of time.
5. Avoid eating unhealthy snack (chips & crackers; fruit juice boxes, sodas, sports drinks – diet or regular – all have ACID)
6. Apply preventive resin sealants in the groove in the biting surface of back adult teeth
7. WEAR a sports mouthguard (your dentist can make the best ones) when playing sports. The cost to replace a missing tooth can exceed $4000! It’s cheep insurance.
8. Fix dental problems when they are small and will cost less to fix.