Yellowing teeth has many causes, from what you eat and drink to your age. By understanding what colors you teeth, you’ll be able to keep them whiter than ever! And if your teeth are already yellow or discolored, we also have some tips on how to whiten them.

Preventing Yellow Teeth

Avoiding coffee, soda, and smoking helps prevent discolored teeth as well as any other staining materials like wine, energy drinks, hard candies, and sauces made from berries, tomatoes, and soy. Basically if it can stain your shirt or carpet, it will also stain your teeth. Using a straw to drink will help reduce the damage, and we also recommend drinking plain water after consuming something acidic to help minimize the acid’s erosion. Flossing and brushing your teeth will also help prevent discoloration!

Whitening Discolored Teeth

Daily flossing and brushing can lighten yellow teeth gradually, but other treatments exist for more immediate results. Discoloration is usually responsive to bleaching, which can be done professionally by your dentist or by purchasing a DIY over-the-counter whitening treatment. A professional whitening done by your dentist is typically the most effective way to brighten your smile, and the results tend to be better and last longer than DIY solutions. Furthermore, it’s important to continue to maintain your teeth and take preventative measures such as avoiding certain foods and drinks after a whitening treatment to avoid future discoloration.

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