Family Having Fun On Beach

Are you and your family planning on heading out this coming spring break?

No matter if you’re heading to the beach to catch the sun rays, or going up the mountains to relax in a cabin, we’ve got some helpful packing tips that will ensure your oral health doesn’t take a break as well.

  • Don’t completely cover your toothbrush. Some of the typical toothbrush covers that are supposedly designed for traveling completely encase your toothbrush. It may seem harmless, but that tight container could actually promote bacteria growth. You should find a toothbrush travel container that offers some ventilation, or you can try wrapping your toothbrush and toothpaste in a wash towel, instead.
  • Unpack your toothbrush on arrival. It’s easy to simply throw your bags in your room and slowly unpack your things until you need them. However, the longer your toothbrush stays packed in a closed space, the more bacteria is encouraged to grow. Aerate your toothbrush by unpacking it immediately, and maybe even give it a nice, hot rinse.
  • Ask your hotel if they provide complementary floss or mouthwash. If you’re staying at a hotel or resort, chances are they provide some amenities to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. That also includes free toiletries like oral care products. Even if you’ve already brought along your toothbrush and paste, it doesn’t hurt to have some extras around just in case!
  • Take along a travel-sized mouthwash while you’re out and about. If you don’t think you’ll come back to your room until much later in the day, consider bringing along a small bottle of mouthwash with you. Let yourself enjoy the foods and drinks you want, but then rinse off the sugar that may stay in your mouth with some mouthwash throughout the day. It’s also a great way to freshen your breath!
  • Not traveling the entire spring break? Schedule a dental visit! Whether you’re staying home during spring break, or if you have a few days home between vacation and when school starts back up, try to take advantage of that time and see your family dentist. This is especially convenient if you have multiple children who are due for a cleaning and exam!

If you’re planning out your spring break, think about when you can also schedule your next dental visit. Give our Long Beach dental office a call now, and keep your family’s oral hygiene top of mind!

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