When something goes wrong and we have a dental emergency, it’s easy to panic. But it’s important to take a deep breath, and remember that there are things you can do to help save your teeth! Here are some great tips for frequent dental emergencies…

I’ve Knocked out a Tooth
When adult or permanent teeth are knocked out, be sure to keep it moist. If possible, return it to the socket but don’t let it touch the root. If you can’t put it back, place the tooth on the inside of your cheek or into a container of milk. Then pay a visit to your dentist as soon as possible!

My Tooth is Cracked
First, cleanse the area by rinsing your mouth immediately with warm water. Then put a cold compress on your face to help keep the swelling down and make an appointment with your dentist for a more permanent solution.

I Have a Toothache
There could be a few reasons for your toothache, but there are a few things you can do before your next dental appointment. Rise your mouth with warm water to cleanse it, then gently floss to remove any debris caught between your teeth. Feel free to take a painkiller, but do not put aspirin onto the aching tooth or onto the gum tissues!

I’ve Bitten Myself
If you’ve bitten your tongue, lip, or the inside of your cheek, clean the bitten area gently with warm water. Then apply a cold compress to decrease the swelling. If you’re bleeding a lot, apply pressure to the wound and if you think you need stitches, it’s time to go to the emergency room.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you are in excruciating pain or your wound is bleeding profusely and won’t stop, you should go to the emergency room for immediate medical assistance. If these temporary solutions do work, remember that they are temporary and you still need to make an appointment with your dentist.

If you have more questions on what to do in a dental emergency or to make an appointment for a more beautiful smile, call our office today at (562) 434-6414.