As you may know, pregnancy affects the whole body. The cascade of various hormones doesn’t just influence moods, food cravings, and the transformation of the body. It also affects oral health! But how could being pregnant play into that too? Well, there are a few things…

As the pregnancy hormone called progesterone increases, it encourages bacterial growth that could cause gum disease – or gingivitis – in the mouth. Symptoms typically appear around the second month of pregnancy. Watch out for a swelling of the gums, red coloration, and abnormal bleeding when you brush. These symptoms typically subside soon after the baby is born.

Dry Mouth
Interestingly, pregnancy can also cause dry mouth! This isn’t an urgent health issue, but it can be irritating. If your mouth is drying up, be sure to drink the proper amount of water not only to hydrate you, but also to help wash away bacteria that’d typically be washed away by saliva.

Eroding Enamel
Pregnancy often includes the unfortunate morning sickness, and enamel erosion can result from vomiting. If you experience morning sickness, be sure not to brush your teeth right after vomiting. Vomit contains high acidity, leaving your tooth enamel vulnerable to damage – even if it’s just from gently brushing! Instead, wash your mouth out with water and let 20-30 minutes pass before brushing.

Maintaining good oral hygiene during pregnancy is extremely important. Make sure that you brush for a full two minutes daily, floss after every meal, and use an antimicrobial mouthwash. Visit your dentist regularly, and always tell them what stage of pregnancy you’re at. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule your next appointment at our office, please call us
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