This Father’s Day, give the gift of a bright smile with the help of an oral care product!

Even if your dad doesn’t necessarily need help maintaining good oral health, these gifts will be sure to make him show off that great smile — and he can keep it maintained far into the future.

An electric toothbrush

Our dental office loves electric toothbrushes. These devices, when used correctly and for the right amount of time, can enhance your dental cleaning routine, leaving you feeling fresher and cleaner than before. They’re easier to use than manual brushes, and more effective. This makes them particularly thoughtful gifts for aging dads, who won’t have to worry or soldier through potentially painful or tiring repetitive motions and can instead enjoy a quick and comfortable tooth brushing with an electric tooth brush.

Everyone loves the feeling of a clean mouth, and we’re sure your dad is no exception.

A water flosser

A small device that shoots a strong and steady thin stream of water is not only fun, but also more effective than regular flossing, according to dental studies. Again, this automatic device makes flossing a lot easier and will do a better job than manual flossing.

Reusable straws

Better than plastic or paper straws, metal straws can be washed, reused, and carried around so that a straw is always available. They will help save the environment while also saving your enamel.

Using a straw to drink coffee, tea, and even wine is a great way for you to avoid the risk of staining your teeth (though, to be honest, you’d need to drink a lot in order to cause noticeable change.) But, if you’re dealing with a toothache or coming out from dental surgery, a straw is definitely a useful tool.

2-minute sand timer

While it’s not difficult to set up a 2-minute timer on your phone to help you brush for the right length of time, it’s not always easy to remember. Having a sand timer (a small hourglass that will take two minutes to sift) right by the sink is a quirky, fun way to define that time.

Plus, guys always love a good “vintage” item!

Even if you aren’t able to give your dad a gift for Father’s Day, simply spending time with him is a gift in of itself. Offer to go with him to his next dental appointment. Book your next visit with Dr. Coates and his dental team today in Long Beach. Call us at 562-434-6414 or schedule online.