A recent study from Taiwan presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Session showed that professional teeth cleanings were associated with fewer heart attacks & strokes.

The study had 100,000 people which is a huge number for any study. They found that if you had your teeth scaled twice a year you lowered your risk of stroke by 13% and heart attack by 24%. WOW!

The big reason: professional tooth scaling appeared to reduce the bacteria that cause inflammation in the tissues and blood vessels that could lead to heart disease & stroke.

What do you need to do: What I have been telling my patinet’s since I started alsmost 25 years ago: Floss BEFORE brushing your teeth at least twice a day & get your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year. For those of you with awesome oral hygiene you might only need to be seen once a year (We’ll be the judge of that!), and for those that really fight with the tartar (calculus) and plaque or have periodontal disease you need to come in 3-4 times a year.