A team of researchers published in the Journal of Epidemiology their analysis of 2,566 osteosarcomas and 1,650 Ewig’s sarcoma cases from 1980 & 2005 and found fluoride levels in water had no impact on the incidence of either. This was the largest study that had ever been conducted evaluating this connection.

Many people worry about the fluoride levels in their water and study after study have shown this is not a problem. There are areas of the United States that have naturally occuring fluoride in the water and these communities have no higher rates of cancers then non-fluoride regions.

What we do know for certain is that communities with fluoridated water have lower incidences of cavities in the population that drink that fluoridated water. Unfortunately I am seeing more cavities in children because more parents are giving their children sports drinks, juice boxes, sodas, and bottled water. As you can see by the list there is a lot of acid and sugar that kids are consuming. We need to be more aware and controlling of what our children eat and drink for a healthier life and brighter future