The official start of the fall season is kicking off this month, and we are ready to embrace autumn with open arms and a bright smile.

It’s also time to think about how our oral health might change with the season. As it gets colder, you may experience some sensitivity in your teeth in response to the chilly weather. If you do, it could be a sign of some oral health issues, like cracked enamel or a cavity.

Colder weather can also affect saliva production, which is important for maintaining good oral hygiene. Drink more water to stay hydrated, and consider sugar-free chewing gum to get those saliva glands working again.

Your diet may also change with the season, and that will also affect our mouths. Pumpkin spiced lattes are delicious, but the sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums if you don’t clean your teeth often. You may also be drinking more ginger beer, eating more pumpkin-laced desserts, or more fast-food with school in full swing – all of which could negatively affect your oral health if you aren’t careful.

We assume you’re already brushing your teeth twice a day throughout the entire year anyway, but if you’re consuming more sugary treats, you should pay closer attention to your at-home oral care routine. Consider using mouthwash more often, or maybe finally purchase that electric toothbrush you’ve been eyeing.

Your eating habits may also change with the holidays around the corner – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are opportune times to be bombarded with sweets and treats at every corner. We want you to be able to enjoy the many treats, which is why we also want you to have good oral health.

Come in for your check-up before the season gets more hectic. Our Long Beach dental team is here to help you manage oral care for you and your family.

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