From losing weight to staying alert, everyone knows about the health benefits of staying hydrated; we frequently talk about how drinking water can make a big difference in oral health, but how does it work? We’re going to discuss the effect drinking water has on your teeth and gums, and some habits that can help boost effectiveness for better health.

Water is sugar-free and cleans your mouth with ever sip. It washes away leftover food and any residue from other drinks that might feed the acid-producing bacteria in your mouth, and dilutes any acid bacteria does produce. This lowers your risk of getting cavities, along with helping one other important feature: saliva.

Saliva is your mouth’s best tool against tooth decay and gingivitis, which is often caused by bacteria buried under plaque. Saliva is also 99% water. Staying hydrated allows you to produce saliva at optimum levels, which fights bacteria and ensures you’re not likely to suffer from dry mouth, a condition that can make swallowing difficult and increases the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

All water is not equal, however: most tap water can help your teeth stay strong in a way that bottle or filtered water doesn’t. Tap water has fluoride, known as “nature’s cavity fighter”, and other tooth-strengthening minerals to help your enamel stay solid and protect your oral health. Next time you’re looking to stay hydrated while you’re out and about, consider picking up a reusable water bottle and filling from your tap instead of buying a bottle while you’re out — your teeth will appreciate it!

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