While you’re getting those last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers together, don’t forget how important your family’s oral health is. Slip a dental treat into their stocking or wrap it up nicely with a bow to encourage them to keep their smiles bright and healthy. Here we share our best dental gift ideas for the holidays.

Electric Toothbrush

You may not have considered a toothbrush a holiday gift. But it’s something everyone needs. Oral health care is essential, and of course, the most critical tool for taking care of our teeth at home is our toothbrush.

Brushing twice a day is an effective way to keep tooth decay at bay. We must get the plaque from holiday desserts and snacks out of our mouths as soon as possible. Remember that we can always use a new one as they should be replaced every three months.

Water Flosser

While brushing your teeth gets the surface of the teeth clean, it can’t always remove the buildup between the teeth. A water flosser can help by doing the work of floss. No matter if your friend or loved one has braces, implants, crowns, or bridges – the water flosser does the trick.

At-Home Whitening Products

This suggestion is strictly for your adult loved ones. When all the cakes and treats are gone, our smile could use a little help getting back to pearly white. Help them boost their appearance with a bright smile.

Dental Books

Perfect for kids preparing for their first dental appointments, a children’s dental care introduction book can help them overcome their fears. It can also help to answer questions and understand the process. We recommend Dr. Suess’s The Tooth Book or Peppa Pig’s Dental Trip.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Those eco-friendly friends would surely be impressed when they open the bamboo toothbrush you selected for them.

Happy Holidays from the Stephen Coates, DDS Team!

For stocking stuffers or secret Santa gifts at the office, toothbrushes, floss, and floss picks can help us all with oral health. We at Stephen Coates DDS are happy to have given you our best dental gift ideas along with our recommendations. Feel free to choose your own from your local retailer. Just make sure the products you choose are approved by the American Dental Association.

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