Tooth Whitening in Long Beach, CA


Brightening your smile is quick, easy, and painless with a professional tooth whitening treatment. We understand that having whiter teeth is the number one concern for most patients, as discolored teeth can be a significant source of anxiety in your day-to-day life. Restoring your confidence and pearly-white smile is our highest priority.

Tooth whitening – or bleaching – is a simple and non-invasive dental treatment that can be accomplished in a number of ways. The most popular method is a home tray or gel tooth whitening system that will whiten teeth dramatically. Many patients love the convenience of this treatment, as they can enjoy it in the comfort of their home with brilliant results.


For patients that want maximum whitening in the shortest amount of time, the long beach dental team of Dr. Coates uses a combination of 2 weeks of at-home whitening followed by in-office whitening which takes about 90 minutes. This allows “deep” whitening that would takes months of at-home treatment.

  • Normal wear of outer tooth layer resulting in discoloration
  • Yellow, brown, or discolored teeth due to diet
  • Stained teeth due to medications (tetracycline, etc.)
  • Fluorosis (white spots or lines on the teeth)


The at-home tooth whitening process typically requires two visits for satisfying results.


At your first appointment, we’ll take mold impressions to create your customized whitening trays for your convenient at-home use.


At your second appointment, we will fit you with your new trays and make any necessary adjustments for optimal comfort and potency.


The trays are worn with special whitening solution either twice daily for 30 minutes or overnight for a couple of weeks depending on the degree of staining.


After the treatment, we can evaluate replacement of any old fillings and crowns to match the color of your newly-whitened teeth.


Enjoy your brilliant new smile! A touch-up may be needed once a year, and more often if you smoke or drink staining beverages like coffee, tea, or wine.