We are entering the winter months and you may be noticing that the dry air is affecting more than just your skin. Here we share a few tips to combat the issues that can impact your oral health in the winter.

Chapped Lips

Exposure to wind, cold air and the sun causes dry lips. Using a lip balm with SPF 15 protection or petroleum jelly, staying hydrated, and using a humidifier at night can help to manage this problem.

Canker Sores

Foods that are highly acidic or spicy can spurn canker sores. If you should develop one gargle with a mixture of one teaspoon of salt with a half cup of water to encourage healing. Also, check with your orthodontist about the fitting of your orthodontic appliance if you think this could be causing irritation.

Cold Sores

Cold sore breakouts are very common when the winter approaches. Protect the skin surrounding your mouth with SPF15 products, keeping your lips moisturized, keep your hands clean and away from your face, and reduce your stress to avoid or treat cold sores.

Dry Mouth

The lack of moisture in the air can inhibit saliva production. Colds can also cause dry mouth. Drink lots of water, chew sugar free gum, and use a humidifier to increase moisture in your home.


Switching between hot and cold drinks or simply breathing in the winter air can cause tooth pain. There are toothpastes that help sensitive teeth.


The holidays bring with them sugary treats. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly to wash away any excess sugar and plaque to avoid developing a cavity.

Other Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy in Winter Months

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss each day
  • Ensure you have a clean toothbrush by replacing it every three months
  • Keep up with your regular checkup and cleanings with your dental provider
  • Drink water and eat healthy
  • Consult with your dentist when concerns arise

Enjoy your winter but remember to keep your oral health as a top priority. Watch out for these winter health woes and use these preventive methods to avoid any issues that could get in the way of your holiday fun. For more tips or to discuss any oral health issues, schedule an appointment with us soon!

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