With summer in full swing, it can be difficult to maintain your family’s normal schedule. Whether your kids are sleeping in or staying up late, be sure that they still consistently brush and floss their pearly whites. A late bedtime is no excuse for lackluster dental hygiene. Worried about keeping everyone on track? Make brushing more fun by trying one of the following:

  • Create a Brushing Calendar
    This can be a great way to track your kids’ progress each day. Make it engaging for your young ones by rewarding them with fun stickers every time they brush or floss.
  • Establish a Family Brushing Time
    Children are more likely to do things if they see their parents doing it. By having everyone brush together, you can be sure your family is using correct techniques and following recommended brushing times. This comes with the added bonus of spending more quality time with your family!

Another summertime dental concern is consuming too many sugary drinks and snacks. Summer is about having fun, but with that fun often comes soda and candy. Encourage your children to make healthy food options, like drinking water and eating fruit. Not only will this be beneficial to their overall health and happiness, but it will also help keep cavities at bay.

An additional area for improvement comes in how often your kids eat. Instead of offering snacks to your children throughout the day, wait until they tell you they’re hungry. With more time between meals and snacks, their mouths are better able to clean themselves from previous food particles.

Finally, use your children’s break from school to your benefit. Make the time to schedule a dental checkup for each member of your family. By scheduling early, you’re more likely to get an appointment that best works for you. Earlier dental visits also allow your family dentist to take note of any health concerns. By noticing issues sooner, there’s a better chance that your dentist will be able to address the problem before your kids go back to school. This means no missed class time or taking time off from work.

By making your family’s dental health a priority this summer, they’ll have healthy, happy smiles all year long. Whenever you’re ready to book an appointment with our Long Beach dental team, call us at 562-434-6414, or request an appointment here.