While a regular dental check-up is necessary throughout the year, it’s especially important for children and teens to go before school starts.

According to the AAPD, almost 51 million school hours are missed due to dental-related health issues in the U.S. Set up your children for success and empower them to take care of their oral health by visiting your dentist soon.

To take action after all the foods and drinks consumed this summer, and to protect from future cavities and other periodontal diseases, follow these easy steps to prepare your child before school starts!

  • Schedule your dental visit today
    This can be a busy time for your dentist, as many other parents will also want to take their children in for a dental visit. To avoid the crowds and waiting times, we suggest you book an appointment soon so that you’re not rushing to secure one later.
  • Check with your school and dentist about dental emergencies
    Some schools may have options for your children to address health issues, though some may not offer dental help. If your child gets a chipped tooth or has other dental emergencies throughout the school year, be sure that your teachers are equipped with the right phone numbers to address the situation. Talk to your dentist about creating a plan for this scenario so you can be prepared in the case of a sudden emergency.
  • Encourage healthier snacks for lunch boxes
    If you pack your child’s lunch, or if you have influence over what the school offers during lunchtime, now is the time to introduce your child to healthier eating. Instead of packing chips or fruit loops, opt for nuts or low-sugar yogurt.
  • Create a daily routine for your child’s dental health
    It’s easy during the summer to loosen up on daily routines, especially caring for teeth. But with school right around the corner, it’s time to get your children back on track. Getting kids to care about anything can be hard, but we have some tips on making dental care fun for children here.

As a parent, we understand how difficult it can be to juggle the many facets of caring for a child. Let our experienced Long Beach-based team of family dentists and hygienists care for your family.

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