As we say goodbye to 2022 and usher in the new year, we find ourselves in a time of setting plans in place for self-improvement. As you set those resolutions, don’t forget your oral hygiene! Setting new year resolutions for better dental health for you and your entire family is a great way to ensure a year of beautiful teeth. To help you get started, Dr. Stephen Coates, DDS shares five resolutions for better dental health.

Get a New Toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends that you replace your toothbrush every three months. If you notice frayed bristles, you should replace them no matter what time of year. Stick with a soft-bristled toothbrush to protect your gums. Consider choosing an electric toothbrush for better cleaning and a built-in timer to ensure you brush for two minutes.

Floss More Often in 2023

Flossing helps to fight gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. We should be flossing every day, but most people don’t. Maybe you aren’t ready to commit to an everyday flossing routine, but try to increase how often you floss each week. The American Dental Association recommends cleaning between your teeth at least once each day. Make sure you’re using the proper technique, and check with your dental professional for a quick tutorial.

Check Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Discover the preventative work covered each year when your dental insurance renews, your annual maximum, maximum out-of-pocket, and deductible. Then make sure you visit your dentist regularly to reveal any issues and prevent problems from starting. Most plans cover cleanings and oral exams twice a year.

Drink More Water

Stay hydrated with fluoridated water. Keeping your mouth hydrated ensures you’ll have the saliva needed to rinse the bacteria from your teeth. That saliva also helps to fortify the enamel on your teeth with essential minerals and nutrients. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Getting enough water helps more than just your oral health, too! Water also benefits your hair and skin and helps keep you energized.

Schedule Your Dental Visit Today!

We’re here to help our patients achieve healthier smiles in the new year! You can do this by brushing at least twice daily, flossing each day, staying hydrated, and eating healthy meals and snacks. Then leave the rest of your dental care to us! Mark your calendar for your first dental appointment of the new year to rid your mouth of plaque and tartar with a fresh cleaning, and get X-rays to determine the status of your teeth, gums, and jaw.

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