While we all know that using toothpaste several times daily is a must for good oral hygiene, there are also quite a few not so common things that toothpaste can be used for. Here are three:

1)      Relief of Pain and Itching. In the case of a minor burn or a bug bite, applying toothpaste to the affected area can give you a temporary relief of painful symptoms.


2)      Filling in Nail or Tack Holes in Walls. Should you find yourself in a bind and without drywall paste or putty, you can simply fill in the holes with toothpaste. Once it is dry, you can sand it and even paint over it.


3)      Defogging Glasses and/or Goggles. Anyone who wears glasses or is a scuba diver is familiar with the nuisance that fog on the lenses of glasses or goggles can cause. A simple solution is to wipe the lens with toothpaste and then rinse. As if by magic, the fog will disappear and In most cases stay away.


While these are all good uses for toothpaste, we do recommend that you do your own research beforehand if you are going to apply any of these techniques. It is best to use a standard white, non-gel based toothpaste. We’d suggest typing your issue into Google- there are tons of examples and instructions on how to use these (and many other) ideas!