As is the case with most emergencies, there isn’t a convenient time for a dental emergency to arise. They can happen at the worst possible times, but if you have a plan in place (including access to a dentist who can see you on a same day appointment) it is possible to minimize the hassle that otherwise will certainly accompany the emergency.


Here are 3 tips to remember if you should encounter such an emergency:


1)      In many cases, the discomfort of a toothache can be enough to cause the sufferer to miss school, work, or other necessary events. This can certainly turn into an emergency situation quickly. If you are experiencing a very painful toothache, contact your dentist immediately. Your dentist should be able to schedule you for a same day appointment and will let you know what you can do to start feeling better right away. If you can’t be seen immediately for any reason, a good dentist will provide direction on how you should take care of your condition until you can be seen. This will allow you to be as comfortable as possible until you can be seen.


2)      One of the most common dental emergencies involves a broken, cracked, or sometimes completely knocked out tooth. If you should find yourself in this situation, it is imperative that you save the tooth (or any broken-off piece of tooth) and bring it with you to your dentist. If you knock out the tooth ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CLEAN OFF THE TOOTH but immediately store it in a cup of either milk or saliva. Trying to clean the debris off the tooth will kill cells on the surface that the tooth & body need for healing when the tooth is re-implanted by the dentist. If you can be seen by your dentist immediately, there is a good chance that the tooth can be reattached. We would also suggest applying ice to the affected area to reduce swelling.



3)      A jaw injury often requires immediate attention. You may indeed need to see your dentist at some point – however, if you have injured your jaw, and particularly if you suspect your jaw may be broken, we strongly advise a visit the emergency room as soon as possible or see an oral surgeon. One sign of a broken jaw is if you open and the lower jaw and it does not open straight and even but shifts to one side or the other.


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